0_etcetera remix edition

Marco Fusinato is no minimalist.

Etcetera Records presents ETC 000-000: MARCO FUSINATO - "0_etcetera remix edition" (0LP) limited to 0 copies.

Ok, let's face facts. What we are presenting here is zero records, zero records at once. Sold only as a set. No seperation here folks. You are either with us or not - simple. Within these zero slabs of vinyl expect no recorded or recordable material whatsoever, as this is what you will get - nothing! Yes, you heard right… there is no music, no packaging, no cost: ie: this record offers nadda and costs nadda or rather - zip! it doesn't even exist - this is what we offer, zero lp's (at once), a 0LP monster package of N.O.T.H.I.N.G! Removing all traces of impurity from Fusinato's original, etcetera has remixed this motherfucker down to its logical terminus. So rare, it's logically impossible to collect. So minimal, it's completely absent. In early work on this release, etcetera considered buying all copies of Fusinato's original and burning them to create the remix, but this would have been too impure, leaving the overwhelming presence of all traces of this event. What we offer here contains no such impurities. Purge your mind of everything, then savour this first release on Etcetera Records, an hommage to nothing less than the great gaping silence rent in history by modern art. Warning: May have narcoleptic effects.