A Game

Match the following stretches of text:

Demurrer breathtaking ambuscade cyclorama. Bladderwort acquittal a abed buddy archimedes. Condemnate coin clothesman ban dime cursive deduce amadeus cohort. Catheter breeches agnew burma bullhead cutlet billie.

For example, the heavy grammar felled the frontier. An individual and overlapping ambiguity developed. Astute concepts serving as memory, rainbows and heavy ideas magnified the sky.

A, a, aar, aas, aer, agh, ah, air, är, are, arh, arre, arrgh, ars, aude, aw, awe, Ayr, Ba, ba, baa, baaaahh, baar, bah, bar, bard, bare, barge, barre, Bayer, beer, bere, beurre, bier, bla, blah, Blair, blare, blear, bleh, blur, boar, board, Boer, boor, bore, bored, Boz, bra, bras, Brer, brrrr, bur, burr, C.O.R.E.

With their origins:

A junk email I received this morning.

The first paragraph of a novella written by a computer.

The first paragraph of a novella written by a widely published poet and professor in creative writing at a major American university.