Flipping through the excellent By its Cover1 I noticed a familar cover design, credited to Alvin Lustig for the New Directions edition of Kafka's Amerika. However I had never seen this book—instead, I own the Picador paperback of the Bret Easton Ellis collection The Informers (I would swap). A nice design quotation, probably lost on everyone besides book design aficionados and those—like me—who happen to stumble upon it2. image

There's a very nice website on Lustig, which at one time was selling prints of this cover, along with some of his other New Directions designs. Unfortunately, they are all sold out…

  1. Ned Drew and Paul Sternberger, By its Cover, Princeton Architectural Press, Princeton, 2005. 

  2. I am not the first to notice. See http://www.totalcardboard.com/book_cover_gallery.htm