Amusing Classification of the Day and To The Fool-King Belongs the World

In the latest issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion there is an article by Amy DeRogatis with the title “ “Born Again Is a Sexual Term”: Demons, STDs, and God's Healing Sperm”, about “the intersection between sexuality and spiritfilled bodies in American Evangelicalism”. The article is oriented around a book with the title Holy Sex: God’s Purpose and Plan for Our Sexuality, which argues “that sexually transmitted diseases are, in fact, demons lodged in genetic material that can be transferred through body fluids and bloodlines”. Casting around for more information, I found the Google Books page—where it is categorised under Fiction / Erotica. Exactly. Further searching reveals that one of the authors of the book, Terry Wier, is scientifically literate not only in molecular biology, but also in the neurobiology and cognitive science of human sexuality. Here is his technique for turning a homosexual into a heterosexual1image

I dedicate to Wier this passage from Schiller2image

  1. From Wayne R. Besen, Anything but Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth, Routledge, London, 2003, pp. 139–140 

  2. From Anna Swanwick (Trans), The Maid of Orleans, in The Works of Frederick Schiller, Bell and Daldy, London, 1872, Volume 3, Historical Dramas, p. 396.