Buffy, Jesus, Buddha. Some Important Moral Considerations.

"After all, the fact that each of us has different abilities and relationships from the paradigm virtuous person (Buffy, Jesus, Buddha . . .) may well affect whether we indeed should do what that person would do. For example, it is not morally right for Xander to take on a pack of vampires alone, even though Buffy characteristically would. And although we can instead ask what Buffy would do if she had Xander's less impressive physical abilities, it is clear that this is a dangerous road. Follow it too far, and you wind up telling Xander that he should do what Buffy would do if she were Xander, which does not exactly give him much in the way of moral compass!"

(Bennett, Karen. 2003. "Review of James B. South's (ed.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale", in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 11 October 2003).