Cooking a meal; mending socks; squeeze a lemon; give Money; Body-contact, Tender; Fondness or even Sexuality.

I have just received the following important email.

Jesus Testament

These are science Reports only with Facts and no emotional contends, if you are conflict-shay please don’t read it and delete it before. Like Jesus only talking in the wind. Günter

If you don’t like to read this letter please forgive and delete it. God and Jesus are rejected over 2000 Years, it is normal. Peace be with you, thank you Günter.

Jesus never said he comes back. He said only ones he comes back to his disciples, but not to the world {Pentecost}. Jesus said <I came on earth to bring the Love on earth, to save the world>. I bring back what goes lost, the Love the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t get through with his attempt to save the world. No body is listening to his teaching, or to the law of God. So the world is lost. For eleven years you could see the <Sign of Jesus> on the Night-Heaven {very bright and shiny, scanning the Earth for Human they are doing the law of God, how many and is it worth to save these World], exactly like before 2000 Years, special on the sign of Jesus was it reflected in every light, every light changed and chow the Sign of Jesus (compare with Ground-mosaic out of Jesus Time in Sidon Israel or in old Bibles from Calvin), it is gone now switched of, these Contact is closed. The Bible says this sign comes on the heaven short before the Apocalypse started. Now the Apocalypse is running for twelve years. {Glasshouse-effect? Global warming ?}.You can easy scientific prove, it is exactly the same. With Love it never happened it is homemade.

Jesus find out that no one in the world knows anymore what Love is and how to do it. It is the highest law of God, and no one of the human has any right to break this law. This could only lead to a world katastrove like God is warning, if the human get the idea to do not the law of God. God says: if you really get the idea and do not my law, I will punish you; I will even bring thatch a Misery over you that you eat your own children. That’s why Jesus said the End is near. The human where believing that Love is: suffer like Jesus on the Cross; cooking a meal; mending socks; squeeze a lemon; give Money; Body-contact, Tender; Fondness or even Sexuality. They filling up whole Libraries with books about Love, only in the explanation of the Old Testament {Torah; Koran; Kamathutra ;} or Jesus was never one interested. Jesus tried to teach Love and how to do it, the highest law of God. Out of the old scriptures he explained; proofing and showed in life what he is talking about. God says in the in the Old Testament; Torah; Koran; Kamathutra; <I m the Love and only the Love and only where the Love is can I be.> don’t make a picture or allegory {don’t compare me with nothing or nobody} of me. Never!! {The law of God}.God is Love. The Love {God} has to become in your body flesh, you have to feel it. John says <even when you are dying you have to feel love in your body>.Jesus explained: The kingdom of God takes place in your body; the house or the temple of God is your body, logo no where else. Jesus says :< be hot or cold between is nothing>, it says you have to feel in your whole body Love. Have only Love in your heart is impossible. Love is blissful happiness; a strong warm prickly feeling, that takes every negative feeling away; Love takes instantly every Sin of the world away; Love takes every mental illness away in seconds and is Rebirthing. Love brings every positive feelings and conditions to the highest form. It is like somebody switched the light on in your head {Delighting}. Without Love you have no life; you get no life; you never will have life; you loose your life and get never Eternity in Heaven. <Jesus>. If you feel not blissful happiness in your body, you have no Love, you are not able to love and/or do the highest law of God. You get no Eternity, you have to love is the highest law of God, what ever you like to believe .Jesus explains how to do Love, try it and you will understand. Jesus said< open your eyes to your heart and you can love>.But you have to do it really, day and night. If you stop half of the way to the heart, or have a brick between your eyes and your heart, it will with guarantee not work. You can not betray God! You have to make always a fresh and friendly face full of Love and the Love has to come from the Insight. Jesus said <you are only believing in me when you are doing what I say {that only is FAITH nothing else} and not only when you know about it>.Jesus said: sacrifice your self <you have to make always a fresh and friendly face, full of Love>.It says; you have not to make a grumpy Face while you find it distinguished. Trust ever in God. Jesus said <love your next, that you not loos the Holy Spirit, and that you be always in good exercise >. {Jesus never said love your Neighbour, this is misleading, the Nonbeliever and the Seducers are using it and ignoring the law of God, what says love your Parents, Husband, Children and every one without any condition. It says; when you stop to love the next person to you, in at least one week you will loos the Love in your body, trust in Jesus he is experienced. You don’t have to like them in any way, only give them Love and let God do his work, it is just amazing. You don’t need to have Eye-contact, only open your eyes to your heart and luck on a Body-part or hair it will work in every distance, so more next to you at so better. Love your Next! (Jesus) Without Love the Human is not functioning like a Human, more like a Robot or Zombie.

Jesus said <love your enemies> when you love your enemy, in the same moment when he takes actions, you change his negative feelings in seconds, about the same strength into Love and deep Pease. He becomes unable to attack you. A human becomes only aggressive {in witch form ever from mild anger to the highest form of Violence} in fact of fear or in fact of frustration; one another reason is impossible. Human with Love and Tender become after downloading of the pure Feeling-aggression instantly overwhelming happy. God is almighty. Why do you have to love unconditional? If you do love with any condition, you can be frustrated, and frustration is feeling empty, burnt out. But when you feel empty you have no Love in your body, so you can not love, you can only give what you have<Logo>! So always unconditional Love and nothing else. It is the highest and most distinguishes law of God (Jesus) and you have to do it, if you will have Eternity, there is sure no way around, no exempt, no pardon, no mercy, and no grace. Not even when somebody used your Authority-shyness like always, it is no excuse only you are responsible for you self nobody else and only God is the highest Authority out of Question. If you like a chitty life and reject God without any reason {nobody can be so stupid or deranged}, it is up to you. Jesus said don’t go to the empty Peoples don’t trust them never. Budda works exactly like Jesus for God only with pure Love and Truth, and said in the Kamathutra don’t go to the Meditation-Peoples they are cold and empty don’t trust them never ever. Luck the peoples in the Eyes you can always see the have the Holy Spirit or not, Peoples without the Holy Spirit are empty. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. The Love {God} and< falling in Love> are absolute different and have different reason. Jesus says your body died, but your Soul lives for ever in Eternity in Haven or Hell it is your choice {weight of the Soul ca 26 gr and left the Body when dying}. May be you like to have a life, think about it. Give the Emperor what’s the Emperor’s is the Money. Give God what’s God’s is, the Love. God {the Love} has to come always and in every case first…

What in the world has Love to do with the Apocalypse? (???)

Every thing, Love is a ground-need, without Love no Feelings are working on the right way, no human can find anymore satisfaction no matter what he trays to do and he consumed his own world away, every day quicker and quicker in the search for Satisfaction. With love he finds very quick satisfaction, that’s it. With Love the Apocalypse never happened. You can’t stop it anymore or slow it down, it is gone forget it, it accelerating in self. Live you’re Life so long you can and save your Soul with doing Love. Christianity is only possible in pure Truths and pure Love and only human they are doing what Jesus is teaching are Christian like Jesus says… The Holy War has to be without any Form of Power use, only through convincing and the Holy Spirit Love read it in Koran; Torah; Kamathutra; Old Testament.

Every word is like Jesus words only talking in the wind Günter.

Among other duties Seer-Prophet of the Aboriginal from Australia.

Günter von Heymann, 42 Old Laidley-Forest Hill Road, Forest Hill 4342, Qld Australia, Tel. {07}54654204