Efrim from Godspeed You Black Emperor! talks about Process

"The writing process in this band is like trying to shit 50-pound bowling balls. Generally, it works likes this—someone comes up with a simple riff and starts playing it, and then everybody starts playing along at the highest volume imaginable until the original riff is completely lost. Then we stop playing and nobody talks for a while. Then someone loses their temper and disappears into the corner. Someone will earnestly try to suggest a structure or game plan, but everyone is too busy smoking cigarettes and sighing to listen or care. Then we'll all start playing again, just as loudly and stupidly. Then someone else has a tantrum. Then practice is over. Eventually, we book a tour or make recording plans, proceed to ignore the impending deadline as best we can, and then, at the last minute, hammer out shit in a spiralling panic and compliment each other on our savvy and flair"

(From http://www.cstrecords.com/html/fsharp.html)