N and I recently have been spending some time with Jonas and Jennifer, artists from Amsterdam, and Jonas was kind enough to ask me to play some music at their opening the other night. It was mostly drowned out by the rather loud (but fantastic) video installation next door, but here is what I had time to play.

Thread (Deaf Center, from Pale Ravine)
Jedi (Hp.Stonji, from Mélaina Cholé)
Mapa (Murcof, from Martes)
Port-au-Prince (Deadbeat, from New World Observer)
Mohn! (Kammerflimmer Kollektief, from Hysteria)
Love Chariot (Triosk, from Moment Returns)
Aerosolilique, Pts. 1-3 (DJ Food, from Urban Renewal Program)
Curls (Madvillain, from Madvillainy)
Stereo Music For Farfisa Compact Duo Deluxe, Drum Kit (Keith Fullerton Whitman, from Multiples)
Valentine (Martin Siewert, from No Need to Be Lonesome)

Jennifer and Jonas' show runs until 26 November—it's a great installation (including some masks N and I made). It's sad they are leaving so soon after arriving in Sydney… such is the life of the travelling artist circus.