It Manifests Itself Like a Stream

In the early 1920s, Erik Satie came to briefly dominate the pages of Vanity Fair, with articles either by or about him appearing in most issues published in 1921–19221. Here follows his “Igor Stravinsky: A Tribute to the Great Russian Composer by an Eminent French Confrère”, in Vanity Fair, February 1923, p. 39, 882. Click on the images for larger versions.

  1. See Mary E. Davis, Classic Chic: Music, Fashion, and Modernism, University of California Press, Berkeley, 2006, pp. 145–152. For facsimile copies of a selection of these articles, see here

  2. Reprinted in Ornella Volta (Ed), Antony Melville (Trans), A Mammal's Notebook: Collected Writings of Erik Satie, Atlas Arkhive Documents of the Avant-Garde, Atlas Press, 1996.