Leading Woman

She's ten miles of bad road for every hood in town. They say she kissed 2,000 men. She's a one-mama massacre squad. She'll put you in traction. She forced an entire lifetime of passion into one lust filled summer. Tonight she will love again and kill again. Her beauty is a dangerous weapon of war. Her passion for art changed the face of history. She's brown sugar and spice but if you don't treat her nice she'll put you on ice. Mistress of the waterfront, she was too much for one town and no town would have her. No man could tame her. She's a love-starved moon maiden on the prowl blasting Nazis on a bold commando raid and finding love in precious, stolen moments. As a lawyer all she wanted was the truth. As a daughter all she wanted was his innocence. She's 15. The only adult she admires is Johnny Rotten. She Lives. Don't move. Don't breathe. She will find you. Could she kill and kiss and not remember? On the naked stage she has no secrets. When she shimmied, the whole world shook. When she sang, the whole world thrilled. She steals his car and his furniture. But can she steal his heart? She scorched her soul to save an American cavalry officer. Here she is. That eye-filling, gasp-provoking blonde bombshell. The man-by-man story of a lost soul. Every time she says, “I love you” she breaks the law.

From Brian Joseph Davis, "Voice Over", 2006. Voice Over is a script composed from over 5000 film taglines [PDF], performed by voice over artist Scott Taylor [MP3]. (Taylor is only reading 6 pages. The original edit of the script is 23 pages).