Philosophy Songs

Some songs for Desert Landscapes.

Timothy Williamson - A is to B as B is to C (Boards of Canada)
Descartes - One Very Important Thought (Boards of Canada)
Ned Block - Roygbiv (Boards of Canada)
Fred Dretske - Of Information and Belief (June of '44)
John Leslie - Doomsday (June of '44)
Jean Baudrillard - Fatal Strategies (Karate)
John McTaggart - Time Stands Still (Lee Ranaldo)
Zeno - Infinitely Late at Night (Magnetic Fields)
Parmenides - Crowd of One (Papa M)
Thomas Nagel - The Ineffable Me (Sonic Youth)
Graham Priest - 2+2=5 (Radiohead)
Leibniz - Everything in its Right Place (Radiohead)