Record Blurb of the Day

New York is pretty different from Lower Hutt. In a lot of ways. But that doesn't mean New York is BAD… its just 'different', y'know? I was down the Lower East Side recently with the guy from Sonic Youth. He was as cool as he looked in Rip It Up magazine! We tuned our guitars and bagpipes, the lights sunk in anticipation, and we buried the audience in a cloud of fairy-dust so thick you could eat it with chopsticks and people with shovels tried to dig their way out of it but it just got deeper and deeper and when the sound couldn't get any louder my soul gnawed a hole in the roof with its teeth and the cast of Friends descended on angel-wings, urinating in ecstacy on the assembled masses in what looked like a tornado of golden glitter. WOW! Afterwards we cleaned up the mess and I got Phill Niblocks mobile phone-number on a napkin. Yeah… New York is just 'different'.

Celebrate Psi Phenomenon's description of Birchville Cat Motel's recording with Lee Ranaldo "30th December 2004", via the latest Synaesthesia mailout.