Religio Medici

Recently I bought a beautiful old copy of Thomas Browne's Religio Medici from Berkelouw Books. I had been looking for a nice copy for some time, having been intrigued by William Sebald's description of Browne's life and work in his masterpiece Austerlitz. The copy was around AU$40, but I decided it was worth it. Having just sat down to fill in the details in my library database (the sort of obsessive-compulsive list-making I am somewhat gratified to have learned Richard Yates tended to indulge in), I have discovered that this edition actually seems to be worth closer to AU$300. Another interesting find there recently was a copy of Herbert Feigl's classic essay The "Mental" and the "Physical", inscribed by Feigl to John Passmore:

For Prof. John Passmore with Best wishes and grateful recollections from H. Feigl

Passmore's library has been gradually making its way onto the shelves at Berkelouw Books, and I must have around ten books by now either imprinted with his library stamp or dedicated to him. The Feigl book was a mere AU$17—it's curious to me that these books from the library of such a major intellectual figure, at least by Australian standards, are sold at regular prices.