The World Loves Variety

On some accounts, the creative activity of God is mobilized by an entirely inexhaustible and uninhibited love. This love, which is understood as being totally without limit and condition, moves God to desire a plenum of existence in which everything that can conceivably be an object of love is included. God wants to love as much as it is possible to love. He naturally has no fear of loving unwisely or too well. What God desires to create and to love, accordingly, is just Being–of any and every kind whatsoever, and as much as there can be.

Harry Frankfurt, The Reasons of Love, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2004, pp. 62-63.

In general, it would begin to appear that as a higher diversity of entities come into existence—entities that are then necessarily more complex–their modes of being in nonequilibrium conditions increase in diversity and subtlety. In turn, the very existence of sets of these increasingly diverse and complex entities gives them an increased number of ways, and so an increased probability, to couple with one another such that one may measure a displacement from equilibrium of the other; thence, these entities happen upon a source of energy that can be and is extracted to do work. In turn, that work may drive nonspontaneous processes to create still more complex molecular species or other entities in the adjacent possible.

Stuart Kaufmann, Investigations, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2000, p. 95.