They Can't Do That

Dozens of human-like dolls covered in fake blood and vomit were placed on the streets of Buenos Aires in a controversial arts project. Ambulances were called and passers-by distressed after seeing what they believed were dead bodies on the corners of some of the city's major streets and avenues. One angry citizen told Clarin newspaper: "They can't do that, people could have a heart attack, it is so scary! I am going to tell the police about this!" And a painter, who did not want to be named, added: "I am an artist too but that is unacceptable, they go to college to come up with stupid things like that?" A group of 60 artists, led by Emilio Garcia Wehbi, were behind the project which was organised by the Cultural Centre Ricardo Rojas. According to the organisers, the purpose is to study people's interaction with the dolls and a forum to debate it will be created over the next days. (From Ananova)